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Obchodní podmínky

  1. Shipping
Delivery time within Europe ca 8-10 days, to North America and Australia ca 14 -20 days.
  1. Orders
The customer sent an order is binding.
By submitting an order the customer agrees with the published terms and conditions.
  1. Payment
We accept PayPal.
  1. Warranty, replacement
The products guarantee is 12 months, starting with the date of delivery of the products to the customer
The customer is in obligation to read the care instructions carefully before using the products, in order to avoid damages resulting from non-professional treatment. In case of ignoring the care instructions the warranty is cancelled. The costs resulting from improper or incorrect use of the products have to be paid by the customer.
The customer has the obligation to check the delivery for accuracy and completeness after receipt immediately. The seller has to be informed about any discrepancies within 3 working days after receipt of the products. Subsequent complaints can not be accepted.
  1. Data privacy
The seller is in obligation to keep the customers data in confidence and do not hand it over to third persons.
By submitting an order or filling out the registration form, the customer agrees that the seller will collect and use his/her personal data to process and handle his/her ordres. The buyer has a right to ask the seller to delete his/her personal data from databse at any time.
  1. Copyright
Nothing of the content of is allowed to be copied, edited or re-published without written authorisation. Contraventions will be prosecuted.


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